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The global challenges of the 21st century will affect every community worldwide and requires local action everywhere to change the type of energy we consume. This technological leap will demand local expertise and an adequately trained and skilled workforce.

Why H2AC

7.7 million jobs worldwide in renewable energy
in 2014, increase of 18% over 2013 (IRENA)

41 new clean energy projects begun
nationwide in US during Q4 2014 (DoE)


Benefits of H2AC

H2AC has been designed as a model to meet these challenges by helping to educate a collaborative, STEM literate, and technical workforce. Our model facilitates collaboration between High Schools, Colleges & Universities while also including the non-profit and corporate community partners, for effective community change.

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Getting More from H2AC

In addition to learning to work together to complete a complex, long-term engineering project, students are exposed to many different technologies related to renewable energy through lab activities and reading materials.
Pre- and post-event studies allow for comparison of student and teacher experiences and the ability to measure the impact and overall effects of the H2AC experience.  Our studies show that students who complete the H2AC are more likely to attend college, major in STEM fields and pursue relevant careers in new and booming sectors.


Impact of H2AC



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