We believe that H2AC has a positive effect on the students and teachers who participate based on the excellent feedback from our participants that tells us how much it meant to them. Here are just a few of the reasons that H2AC is engaging and successful where other programs fall short:



One of the goals of H2AC is to increase student awareness and interest in alternative energy solutions.  Our data shows that students are much more familiar with renewable energy concepts and technologies after participating in an H2AC program.




STEM Education

Another goal of H2AC is to positively influence student attitudes towards STEM subjects and expose them to the potential of STEM careers. After participating in H2AC, students overwhelmingly said they were more interested in attending college, majoring in STEM fields, and pursuing STEM careers. H2AC is not a science honor society, so this represents an expansion of students who are excited by STEM subjects and who could go on to become active STEM professionals.


Teacher satisfaction

The people who can best gauge the academic value of our program for high school students are the teachers who are in class with them every day. We work hard to make sure that not only are teachers provided with the materials and assistance they need, but that they feel that their students are getting a valuable learning experience.




Teachers and students fill out surveys to complete their H2AC registration.  The surveys assess prior levels of student knowledge and engagement, teacher and student expectations, and general demographic information.


Teachers and students also fill out surveys at the conclusion of the H2AC event, and these surveys officially complete their participation in H2AC and initiate the refund of their deposit.


Anonymized student pre- and post-event responses are compared for analysis of individual impact.  Averaged data shows whole-group impacts while comparison of pre- and post-survey data from control questions enables establishment of a minimum threshold for significant changes.


Anonymized student and teacher raw data will be posted to this page, free to use for all of our sponsors, partners, and friends.


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