Part I: Defining the Problem

Students studying the curriculum Experiments with Horizon's Educational Science Kit Students assembling the Wind Turbine

Week 1:

Climate Change

✓Examine the evidence for global climate change and its effects on humans worldwide.
✓Renewable Energy Solutions
✓Explore the benefits and limitations of different types of renewable energy resources.
✓Science Kits used: Wind, Solar, Thermoelectric, Ethanol
✓Turn in: Climate Change Worksheet, Renewable Energy Labs, Video testimonials

Week 2:

Energy Storage

✓Compare the energy storage capabilities of an electrolyzing fuel cell and a battery.
✓Science Kits used: Fuel Cell, Salt Water Battery, Supercapacitor, Hydrostik
✓Experiment with fuel cells and batteries as sources of power for a car.
✓Science Kits used: Electric Mobility
✓Turn in: Energy Storage and Electric Mobility Labs, Video lab report


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Part II: Building a Solution