Part II: Building a Solution

Car model Autodesk Student designing carPhysical manufacturing

Weeks 3-8:

Designing Your Own Solution/Assembling the Chassis

✓Begin designing how your car will eventually look and building your car chassis.
✓Turn in: Photos and video of assembly process

Weeks 6-8:

Creating with Autodesk

✓Learn how to use Autodesk software to create a design for the car’s body.
✓Turn in: Finalized software design, photos and video of design process

Week 9:

Building a Body

✓Plan how the body will be constructed, then use chosen method to complete it.
✓Turn in: Photos and video of body construction, manufacturing report

Vacuum-Forming (only if using vacuum-forming to construct car body)

✓Construct a vacuum-forming machine and use it to manufacture car body.
✓Turn in: Photos and video of machine and body construction, manufacturing report

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