Part III: Testing Your Solution

Fixing the car during the race Students fixing the car Car race

Weeks 10-15:

Learning to Drive

✓Determine the limitations on the cars performance and develop driving skills.
✓Turn in: Driver logs, photos and video of driving practice

Tuning the Car’s Performance

✓Make adjustments to the car chassis, body, and driving style to improve performance.
✓Turn in: Photos and video of alterations made

Maintenance and Making Repairs

✓Gather data to fix or fine tune parts that are likely to break or wear out while driving.
✓Turn in: Photos and video of repair and maintenance

Completing the Video Presentation

✓Prepare the video presentation using previously-shot footage and any additions needed.
✓Turn in: Final version of video presentation (Due end of Week 15)

Week 16:

Writing the Design Report

✓Use the materials from previous weeks to assemble a report on the car’s design.
✓Turn in: Final design report (at H2AC race, end of Week 16)

Final Race Preparations

✓Resolve last-minute issues, double-check design and race rules, make final preparations.
✓Turn in: Car for design judging (at H2AC race, end of Week 16)

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