Unit 4 – Race preparations

Fixing the car during the race Students fixing the car Car race

Everyone drives in H2AC. No student is left out on race day, so everyone needs to practice so they can help out their team when it’s their turn. Driving a remote-controlled car isn’t the same as driving a real car, so students will have to spend hours honing their skills. The drivers’ practice logs are a way to ensure that each driver has had training so that they won’t be a danger on the track. Teams can also be penalized for poor driving that results in too many crashes.

Crashes will inevitably happen during training and during the race. But that’s okay! H2AC is won in the pits as much as, if not more than, on the track itself. This means the abilities of the students to quickly assess and repair the car is vital. Students will have to work together to determine the cause of the fault, decide on a solution, and implement it. Problems encountered during testing and driving provide great opportunities to prepare.

Additionally, students will complete their video project during this Unit. The video will encompass their build process from design through driving practice. The video is submitted before the race weekend, and the top videos are shown to all the teams on the Friday night before the race.

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