H2AC FL 2015 Best Design Winner: T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School

As the last of our teams, we’ll be blogging about in Florida, we’re proud that T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School is coming back to H2AC.

Straight out of Pierson, Florida, T. Dewitt is led by STEM Coach Sondra McCulloch, who’s STEM Coaches of H2AC Tagline is “I enjoy working with the students on something that they enjoy learning and creating. The excitement they get from succeeding is contagious!” 

Let’s hear from more T. Dewitt.

How will participating in this competition benefit your students’ familiarity with renewable energy & their opinions on further education and careers opportunities in STEM related fields?

Careers in the STEM related fields are growing exponentially. When the students have the opportunity to participate in the H2AC competition they learn a lot about renewable energy, how the hydrogen cells work, the engineering of a car, the mechanics of how the motors work, and many more things. The students can develop an interest that may start them on a pathway for a career.

How did H2AC increase you and your team’s familiarity with renewable energy?

It helped to have a hands on opportunity of how the hydrogen cell works and they even explained the process to my other students that were interested in what they were doing. Now I have more students interested on working on the car this year.