When Parents Start A STEM Non-Profit

H2AC has given us the opportunity to see how STEM activities work throughout the state of Florida. Some of our teams come from private schools where there was never a STEM program setup or a public school that has been doing robotics for years, but wants to give their students something more to look forward to.

A week after H2AC, a parent called us concerned about H2AC. Their school told them that funding hands-on STEM activities were going to be on hold for 2016 and that the new activity they were all pumped about was being cut. The students of this school were so upset, they called us at Horizon to see what we could do for them.

A couple of these parents admired how¬†STEM HQ ran and operated their program,so this group of parents in particular got together and said, “How can our kids do this for years to come?”. The answer was to start their own non-profit.

Tech Monkeys started as a solution for parents who wanted to give their kids a more meaningful STEM experience, they could no longer get in school. They have written their own grants, secured their own space to meet and now they need funding to complete this dream.