H2AC FL: Who is Lennard Robotics?

We have some amazing new teams participating in 2016. Want to meet a couple of them? Of course you do.

School: Dr. Lennard High School

Whereabouts: Ruskin, Florida


Let’s learn a little bit more about Lennard Robotics from their STEM coach, Jim Reve.


How will participating in this competition benefit your students’ familiarity with renewable energy & their opinions on further education and careers opportunities in STEM related fields?

“It will show them a direct application of how renewable/alternative energies can be used.”


Why do you as a teacher want to volunteer your time to coach your team?

“Our kids need all of the hands on activities that they can get, most of are kids come from low economic backgrounds and we need to show them that school/college will teach them things that will make them successful.”