H2AC Success Stories: STEM HQ

STEM HQ finished second in our inaugural competition; however, they had a profound effect on the parents of other teams. STEM HQ’s unique model of providing robotics activities to students from different schools across the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area is inspiring. Often parents will send their children to club sports activities, but it’s rare that parents send their students to robotics clubs outside of their school.

STEM HQ in action!

STEM HQ in action!

Thanks to STEM HQ, many parents of H2AC participants have advocated for dedicated robotics clubs in their communities for H2AC, and even one group of parents forming a non-profit to continue STEM programming in their community.


Even though STEM HQ does amazing work, they are faced with the same funding obstacles as schools. STEM HQ prides themselves in being a place where students can find passion, which is often hard to do in a traditional classroom setting.