Help Team SRHS Get Running for H2AC FL 2016


This past May, Sebastian River High School showed up to the inaugural H2AC with a RC car that didn’t run and melted fuel cell controller box, which was the second the school had received over the course of the semester long project. Through guidance from Hydrogen Horizon volunteers and hours of hard work on their part, SRHS was able to complete 56 laps of the 6 hours.


However, STEM Coach Lisa Bridge wants to say why her team is excited to come back in 2016 and how it impacted her students’ lives.


Why do you want to do H2AC?

We want to work together as a team in unity to learn about more energy efficient fuel options & to design/build a Hydrogen RC car to compete in the Cocoa Beach race. We had some major challenges last year which we hope to resolve and significantly improve on in the 2016 Race.


How does it benefit your students?

My students are benefited by the team incentives (to keep an excellent in GPA, Attendance, & behavior at SRHS). They grow in interpersonal relationships to become almost a family as their team interacts throughout the school year as they build the Horizon Hydrogen car.


How does it benefit your community?

Our community learns more about safe alternative energy in addition to their members at SRHS who are blessed with this amazing opportunity! They have a lot to be proud of.


Lisa Bridge (Physical Science Teacher at SRHS)

Sebastian River High School

Sebastian, FL


But Lisa and her team can’t do this alone, and if this is a goal that you find worthwhile, maybe you can help.