H2AC Success Stories: Warrior Racing Team

In 2014, led by STEM Coach and Teacher Shari Braddock,  the Warrior Racing Team went on to win the inaugural H2AC.


When asked about how H2AC changed her students’ lives, she said:

Our small community is not accustomed to being exposed to a big event like this and to actually win it last year was just unbelievable. The pride that these students brought back to the school that next Monday as they brought in that first place trophy was just worth all the hard work they put into it.

Sports are important to our school and events like this and other STEM related events are just not something these students get to be involved with, so to see this team getting some recognition and to see teamwork and brains as something to be proud of was eye opening to the student body.

I had students asking how can they get involved and be part of this event next year. So I decided to start a Science Club so the kids can get involved on a larger scale with not only this race but other STEM related competitions and activities.

But we can’t do this alone, and if this is a goal that you find worthwhile, maybe you can help.



West Nassau High School hard at work during their 1st place run!

West Nassau High School hard at work during their 1st place run!

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