H2AC FL TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Dunbar High School

If I could say one thing about Dunbar High School or Team Fantastic Four Plus One it would be that they’re tough and resilient. Dunbar’s first STEM coach, Dave Paulis fought many challenges to get his team to the first H2AC. Throughout the initial construction of their H2AC Car, several things malfunctioned. However, this didn’t stop Dunbar and Coach Paulis from being positive throughout the entire experience.


The Fantastic Four Plus One were able to finish 11th overall and have been dreaming of the day they get the new kit for 2016. Coach Paulis even had plans to start purchasing new equipment so his team could be prepared for the 2016.


However, this year they have a new coach Janna Ion, and she’s never done anything like this, but she’s excited to see where they place this year. When coach Ion came aboard, students were already coming up to her to ask when they can start for the 2016 competition.  Janna and her team can’t do this alone, and if this is a goal that you find worthwhile, maybe you can help.