Team Spotlight: Pirate Racing from Robert Morgan Educational Center High School

Meet Pirate Racing from Robert Morgan Education Center High School (RMEC). They’re a team that isn’t afraid to be innovative and take risks when it comes to engineering design. In May, they were the only team that brought additional RC car body parts, which was a little odd since some of our schools are known for competing in robotics competitions. RMEC went on to finish fifth in the race but if we gave out a congeniality award they would definitely win it.


For the 2016, RMEC has asked permission to manufacture and fabricate their RC car parts and build off the previous one. Even though this would cut costs significantly, there are still materials for the race that RMEC needs to purchase to participate in the race.

robmor3 robmor4

STEM Coach Ron Torres-Gatherer and his team can’t do this alone, and if this is a goal that you find worthwhile, maybe you can help.